The arrival of a new year presents us all with a golden opportunity to kick bad habits and set new goals—from losing weight to learning a new language. And in Southern Nevada, making a commitment to saving water may be the biggest self‐improvement goal you can set for 2020.

With water levels at Lake Mead—the source of 90 percent of our community’s supply—at their lowest in recorded history, conserving water in the desert isn’t just smart, it’s vital. That’s why the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) offers a wide range of rebate programs and free resources designed to help you conserve our most precious natural resource and save money, too.

Ditch thirsty turf

If the only time you walk on your grass is to mow it, then replace it with a beautiful water‐ efficient landscape. SNWA’s Water Smart Landscapes Rebate program pays $3 per square foot of grass converted to a desert‐friendly landscape. Each square foot of water‐efficient plants, trees, and shrubs uses 55 gallons less per year than an equivalent amount of turf. Apply on

Find and fix leaks

Household leaks aren’t just aggravating, they also can be huge water wasters—up to 10,000 gallons a year for the typical home. Extensive and expensive repairs only add to the pain. You can stop leaks before they become a catastrophe by installing a smart leak detector, which can monitor your home’s water usage in real time, detect leaks quickly and send notifications straight to your smartphone. Visit and get a rebate coupon for leak detection devices, and you’ll also find helpful tips about how to find and fix common household leaks.

Manage your irrigation clock

Adhering to the mandatory, seasonal watering schedule is the easiest and most efficient way to save water. You can find your watering days on Better yet, install a smart irrigation controller, which will automatically adjust your watering schedule according to weather and allow you to change your clock from a mobile device. SNWA offers a rebate coupon on its website for several qualifying models.

Cover up

An exposed pool loses thousands of gallons of water per year to evaporation. Pool covers reduce evaporation, limit debris and conserve energy. SNWA offers an instant coupon that   can be redeemed at participating retail locations.  

Car wash coupons

Save water by taking your dirty car to a Water Smart Car Wash. The SNWA offers on its website discount coupons for car washes that recycle water on site or send it to a facility where it is treated and returned to Lake Mead. The SNWA also partners with waterless car washes who’ll clean your vehicle with environmentally‐friendly products while using little to no water. Imagine how much water you could save in 2020 and beyond—and how much money you could earn back—if you participate in any of these SNWA conservation programs. For more information on all our conservation programs, including downloadable rebate coupons, resolve to visit And have a Happy New Year!