Our Black Lions Martial Arts Level III classes are designed for the advanced student to continue building on the foundations of self-defense, and advance those skills important for continued growth and development in the martial arts.

Focus, honor, virtue, teamwork, control, memory, balance, discipline, fitness and coordination along with other disciplines of listening, respect and courtesy are incorporated into a comprehensive training system that is specifically designed to generate maximum results. The exercise and physical fundamentals incorporated into the program are challenging and a great way for students to gain flexibility, balance, strength, self-confidence and self-esteem. We also understand the importance of fun and variety to maintain high interest and participation. Students may be required to make physical contact with other students during training exercises. Students at the rank of blue sash or above are considered to be at Level III and are required to attend both Tuesday and Wednesday sessions weekly to be considered for promotion.  Parents who are interested in getting a great workout and learning self-defense alongside their youth or adolescent are welcome to take the class for an additional $40.  A parent or assigned guardian may be required to be present during class.

Ages: 8 years to adult